The Gluten free & protien rich Buckwheat

Buckwheat is another pseudo-cereal with excellent nutritional and medicinal qualities. It commands global market due to its favorable composition of protein complex with high content of lysine, fibrous material, mineral compounds, vitamins, bioflavonoid, rutin and also as an important gluten-free grain.



The health promoting food Amaranth

Leaves of amaranth superior in taste to spinach and is considerably higher in calcium, iron and phosphorous. Did you know amaranth is easy to digest.. Let us discuss the nutritional potential of health promoting foods called pseudo cereals, amaranth being one of them.

Grains called pseudo-cereals can take care of your daily nutrition ?

Traditional grains like amaranth, buckwheat, chenopod, millets, pulses like rice bean and kulth are nutritional powerhouses. These grains are also called pseudo-cereals. Our society both rural and urban need to be made aware of pseudo cereals and their role in our diet and general health.


pseudo grains

Is your diet giving you nutritional deficiency ?

Cereals like rice or wheat are an integral part of our diet, we can’t think of a meal without the either of the two depending on the region we come from. Except dietary patterns largely dependent on rice and wheat have led to widespread nutritional […]

Antibiotic Resistance: Are we losing the fight against infections??

“Common ailments are regaining the power to kill.” So should we be concerned?? Yes, as we have exhausted antibiotics and it has lost its therapeutic ability to save lives.. Antibiotic resistance occurs when an antibiotic fails to kill a bacteria or inhibit its growth,

Essence of Meditation

Most of us  believe Meditation to be a magical cure to our mental afflictions as well as physical ailments. So what is meditation actually??



Swimming in a public pool can make you ill

Swimming is an excellent exercise specially when weather starts to get hot, no exercise feels better than splash in the pool.  Since most of us don’t have access to personal pools we end up using public pools.  While it is a good exercise and seems […]

Heal yourself with Pranic Healing

Heal yourself, learn how to be in command  and progress in every sphere of your life with Pranic Healing.  Here is all you need to know about it.

pranic healing


Walking for health & fitness

Walking is the simplest way to stay fit but strange enough we wish to walk as little as possible. We’d use an elevator or an escalator rather than climbing stairs, use walkways to whisk us through the airport or rather drive to the neighborhood market […]

Child bed wetting problems

Wetting and voiding disorders in children represent a wide range of disorders. Many children suffer from urinary tract infections, bed-wetting, daytime incontinence (wetting), painful or difficult urination, urinary frequency, urgency, penile and vaginal pain.



Dry hair treatment in winters

Brittle & dry hair and itchy, flaky & dry scalp are common problems for most of us in winters. And when dead skins from the scalp start falling off as white flakes we know it’s dandruff. Dandruff affects the texture of our hair and can […]

Dandruff during winters

Chilly winter winds and dryness caused because of heaters inside rob us of the moisture in scalp & hair making the scalp dry and flaky leading to dandruff. Dandruff is a nuisance most of us have to deal with during the winter season. Let us […]