Don’t let that cracker sparkle dim the quality of air around you

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With Diwali a day away quality of air is all set to get worse, all thanks to people who can’t do away with crackers. Every cracker that sparkles, dims the quality of air around us..say-no-to-crackers_-health-in-check

A neighbour is admitted in the hospital with severe chest congestion, 70 year old health conscious man is extremely regular with his walks in the mornings as well as evenings. However what he didn’t know was, his healthy habit would land him in the hospital and it was all because of poor quality of air he was breathing while walking. With a sudden spurt of pollutants in the air respiratory problems are on the rise.

With Diwali a day away air quality is all set to get worse, all thanks to people who can’t do away with crackers.  Highly toxic metals like lead, cadium, nitrites & nitrates are used in crackers and bursting of crackers releases suspended particulate matter, poisonous/toxic gases and metals along with carbon particles in the air. What we fail to consider is a day of senseless merriment can leave so much of damage behind us. Let us just run you through a few serious repercussions of bursting crackers:

  • Pulmonary diseases like bronchitis, asthma can get aggravated and in some cases particulate matter containing heavy metal causes irreversible lung damage. Last year Geetika 17 year old girl, had to be rushed to the hospital on the eve of diwali because her asthma attack had worsened and she couldn’t breathe. Similarly many people with respiratory issues suffer because of the pollution caused by crackers.
  • Allergies in skin, eyes, throat & nose are a few common issues one faces because of air pollutants. Pollutants like suspended particulate matter and carbon monoxide can cause severe allergies. Elderly, children & immune-compromised people are most susceptible to problems caused by air pollution.
  • On the other hand noise pollution triggered by the cracker bursting can cause heart attack, deafness, spike up your blood pressure & cause sleep disturbance.
  • Crackers also increase carbon dioxide in air which can be a contributing factor in global warming.
  • Pets like dogs & cats, other animals and birds get distressed by bursting of crackers. They are very sensitive to noise , it can cause hearing impairment in animals and also many die out of fear.
  • Waste generated after bursting of crackers is equally hazardous and toxic and very difficult to dispose off. Toxic substances in crackers which settles in the soil can become a part of the food chain and come back to us as food.

We overlook the damage we are doing to the environment and ourselves, just because we are not immediately affected.  However it does not mean the damage we are doing , won’t come back to haunt us at a later date. Let us be responsible citizens of earth & sensitive to those around us and celebrate a Healthy & happy Diwali by refraining from bursting crackers.

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