Heal yourself with Pranic Healing

Heal yourself, learn how to be in command  and progress in every sphere of your life with Pranic Healing.  Here is all you need to know about it.

pranic healing


Walking for health & fitness

Walking is the simplest way to stay fit but strange enough we wish to walk as little as possible. We’d use an elevator or an escalator rather than climbing stairs, use walkways to whisk us through the airport or rather drive to the neighborhood market […]

Child bed wetting problems

Wetting and voiding disorders in children represent a wide range of disorders. Many children suffer from urinary tract infections, bed-wetting, daytime incontinence (wetting), painful or difficult urination, urinary frequency, urgency, penile and vaginal pain.



Dry hair treatment in winters

Brittle & dry hair and itchy, flaky & dry scalp are common problems for most of us in winters. And when dead skins from the scalp start falling off as white flakes we know it’s dandruff. Dandruff affects the texture of our hair and can […]

Dandruff during winters

Chilly winter winds and dryness caused because of heaters inside rob us of the moisture in scalp & hair making the scalp dry and flaky leading to dandruff. Dandruff is a nuisance most of us have to deal with during the winter season. Let us […]


dry skin in winters

Beat the winter itch- dry skin special

Winters and dry skin go hand in hand. Itchy, rough, chapped skin are common skin problems in winters. Harsh chilly winds on the outside and heaters inside can take away the moisture from your skin as well as scalp making it dry and itchy. Skin […]

Life after colectomy- A patients view(Part-2)

We were not at all prepared for the surgery, did not know what to expect afterwards. We were absolutely clueless about handling stoma bags and it seemed like a big thing. Moreover I was absolutely weak and bed-ridden and did not even have strength to […]

ostomy care


Ostomy care – A patients view (part-1)

As we already know colectomy involves removal of colon or large intestine including the rectum. There is opening created in the abdominal wall called stoma for removal of waste which drains into a pouch or bag. The pouch or bag needs to be cleaned from […]

Deterioriating air quality around Diwali

According to WHO air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk. With all the crop burning from neighbouring states air pollution in Delhi is worse and is all set to worsen with cracker bursting in Diwali. Hospitals & clinics are seeing sudden spurt in cases […]

Deterioriating air quality around Diwali

The temptation called – Diwali sweets

In India no festival can be complete without sweets. With Diwali and bhai dooj around the corner, avoiding sweets seem inevitable. Moreover the whole festival euphoria makes us ignore the enormous amount of calorie & fat we end up consuming. So this Diwali let us […]

Lurking hazards of pedicure and manicure in Salons & Spa’s

So ladies, all of us want to look good with shiny hair, flawless skin, perfect eyebrows and  filed & painted nails and also pamper ourselves with spas, pedicures and manicures.  Where else but Salon is the one-stop destination to get it all done. Grooming and […]

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How thyroid disorders can cripple you silently

Thyroid is a butterfly like organ situated in front of the neck below the Adam’s apple and it produces thyroid hormone responsible for maintaining body’s metabolism. Over production of the thyroid hormones results in a thyroid disorder known as hyper-thyroid-ism while under production of the […]

ulcerative colitis

How to manage Ulcerative Colitis effectively?

Ulcerative colitis as discussed can have debilitating effect on one’s health and can seriously hamper your quality of life. Low blood counts, susceptiblity to infections, fatigue & tiredness and other associated medical conditions are a few complications of Ulcerative colitis. It is very important to […]

All you want to know about Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis can be a frustrating and painful disease to live with which can have debilitating effect on one’s health. For 19 year old Puja Mishra , it all started with stomach ache and loose stools with blood, which the doctor mistook for stomach infection. […]

ulcerative colitis